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Energy savings with an eye on the planet

The ever changing landscape of energy, renewable and carbon markets is complex.

Edge2020 are industry-based experts in electricity, gas, and renewables. We utilise custom-built sophisticated energy management systems to support and advise clients across procurement, optimising generation, sustainability and renewable solutions, account and portfolio management and an array of advisory services.

We ensure businesses understand and implement energy products and strategies that deliver superior outcomes. Managing risk and delivering on your business’ targets and objectives is critical.

Edge2020 utilise the depth of our expertise and energy management tools, the breadth of our networks and counterparts, and the sheer weight of our portfolio to deliver greater value.

Businesses that collectively spend over $1B on energy in any given year trust Edge2020 to do just this.

More than ever before, businesses require a resource they can trust to help navigate the ever-changing energy landscape and to ensure the proactive and accurate delivery of advisory, account, and portfolio management services and associated outcomes.

From ensuring the best outcomes for a single site to managing the complexities of a large multi-site, multi-regional portfolio. Edge2020 partners with clients, becoming a trusted resource for supply, procurement, operational, commercial, and management teams.

2020 vision across your energy spend

We always look deeper to find optimal energy strategies, solutions and outcomes.

We always look beyond the obvious to deliver superior opportunities, value and savings.

We always look to empower our clients with all the knowledge and expertise available to us.

Bring net zero into focus

Edge2020 provides energy management and advisory services to buyers and sellers of physical and financial energy products. We specialise in electricity, gas, renewable, environmental, and carbon products.

Edge2020 optimise the way businesses and corporations buy, sell, or generate energy and associated products – such as financial derivatives, retail and wholesale agreements, environmental certificates, and carbon units. We will ensure you achieve your sustainability goals by supporting you with strategies that focus on minimising consumption and responsible purchasing of renewable energy. With clarity in data and communication, we will assist you in articulating your commitments to shareholders and customers. 

Our team are passionate about improving sustainability outcomes.

The heart of our success

We love it. Our team unashamedly live and breathe energy markets, data, products, and strategies. We thrive on the dynamic nature and complexity of the industry we work within. We are proud of the respected position we hold amongst our peers and industry counterparts. And we live for the numbers and feedback which demonstrate the immense value we add.

Our people

Our team have over 75 years of combined energy market experience across businesses and organisations in every corner of the industry. We have traded billions of dollars of physical, financial, and renewable products. We’ve been senior advisors to some of the largest businesses and corporations in Australia.

Our clients

Our clients include national and global brands with large demands for energy usage and innovative, forward-thinking solutions. Many have growing sustainability targets and objectives, with a genuine resolve to transition our planet to a cleaner future in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Our clients demand the best of the best. 

Our reach

There’s no strategy, product, or counterpart we can’t call on to ensure you receive a more favourable outcome. The Edge2020 team are some of the most highly regarded energy advisors in the market today. Known for our integrity, depth and breadth of experience, and longstanding relationships across the industry.

What we do

  • Energy procurement
  • Strategy development & implementation – brokerage and market engagement processes
  • Account management – accruals, bill validation, budgeting
  • Portfolio management & optimisation 
  • Risk management
  • Hedging, trading, and brokerage
  • Energy market analytics, reporting and forecasting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract management renewable strategy development & implementation
  • Retail and wholesale renewable agreements
  • REC registry account management
  • Firming services
  • Energy and sustainability advisory
  • Data services – energy usage monitoring and forecasting

Peace of mind in investment and strategy delivery

EdgeLIVE is Edge2020’s proprietary cloud-based portfolio management platform. It supports our clients with live data to monitor and manage their energy portfolios in real-time. 

EdgeLIVE is a unique opportunity to get the most out of your energy spend. It gives instant access to all the information you need to make informed decisions for your business. 

We've helped some of Australia's largest companies