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Energy savings with an eye on the planet

At Edge2020

We always look deeper to find optimal energy strategies, solutions and outcomes.

We always look beyond the obvious to deliver superior opportunities, value and savings.

We always look to empower our clients with all the knowledge and expertise available to us.

Edge2020 provides energy management and advisory services for buyers and sellers of physical and financial energy products. Our clients are national and global brands with large energy requirements and forward-thinking sustainability targets. 

We specialise in strategy development, implementation and management of wholesale and retail strategies, with a focus on risk management and ensuring products and services deliver on a client’s objectives whilst addressing market fundamentals and drivers. We operate under AFSL #425572, covering a range of services for wholesale clients relating to electricity, environmental, and carbon products.

Our new website is launching shortly. Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone +61 7 3905 9220
Toll Free 1800 334 336