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About us

At Edge2020 we thrive on the dynamic nature and complexity of the industry we work within.

Our team are highly regarded in terms of our industry expertise, commercial acumen, and reputation. We are experts in structured products, including the incorporation of renewables. Our relationships with key market counterparties are unparalleled, meaning that we know how to package portfolios and negotiate terms to ensure that you will receive competitive proposals and execute favourable agreements.

At Edge2020, we are built to deliver and manage energy contracts for large, sophisticated users and generators. We can provide financial advice and negotiate financial products with wholesale market participants. We are experts in delivering wholesale outcomes within retail energy contracts, and in doing so ensuring that flexibility is delivered with simplicity. 

We are licensed (AFSL 425572) and follow strict compliance procedures (ISO 9001 QMS) to expertly advise clients.

Our clients include national and global brands with large energy portfolios that demand proactive and flexible management, and innovative forward-thinking solutions. Many of our clients have growing sustainability targets and objectives, with a genuine resolve to transition our planet to a cleaner future in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. These clients rely on experts to ensure they are informed, equipped, and ideally positioned to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our leadership team

As a team we share a resolute commitment to personal and highly responsive customer service and form strong, long-term relationships with our clients. This is because we view each one as being vital to our business. Equally we nurture strong, long-term relationships with our industry counterparts because we view each of these as a conduit to products and services that will ultimately deliver value to our clients.

Our clients demand the best of the best: timely and secure access to data and information, and expertise and advice that delivers superior outcomes.

Our values

Acting with integrity

  • We will maintain honesty and integrity in all our dealings.
  • We value diversity, transparency, and swift conflict management.
  • No mountain is too high when tackled with integrity.

Educating & informing

  • We will freely and frequently share non-confidential information and education with clients, internal and external stakeholders.
  • We see your growth as a measure of our success.

Building & nurturing

  • We will constantly build and nurture client and partner relationships and opportunities.
  • Our network can be a foundation and a catalyst to your superior results.


  • We will deliver opportunities, outcomes and results that meet the needs of all those involved.
  • Let us save you time, eliminate stress, and ensure you hit your targets.

Our senior energy management team

Our team have over 75 years combined energy market experience across businesses and organisations in every corner of the industry. We’ve worked in retail, wholesale, and regulatory markets across operational, trading and risk management teams. We’ve held senior positions in the Australian Energy Market Operator, run some of the NEM’s largest generation portfolios, and traded billions of dollars of physical, financial, and renewable products. We’ve been senior advisors to some of the largest businesses and corporations in Australia.

Edge2020 bring together and nurture the brightest minds, in a one stop cohesive and collaborative team that become an extension of your team.

Stacey Vacher

Managing director &
senior energy advisor

Stacey founded Edge2020 in 2007. Stacey has 19 years of experience in engineering and financial markets in Australia and Europe and is sought after for strategy development, implementation and portfolio optimisation for large consumers and sellers of energy. She thrives on bringing wholesale and retail parties together to deliver optimal risk managed outcomes.

Stacey is held in extremely high regard amongst industry peers in the National Electricity Market and has a strong working relationship with all major generation, retail, and wholesale trading entities in Australia, including many linked to renewable generation projects.

Alex Driscoll

Senior Manager, Markets,
trading & advisory

Alex has over 25 years’ experience in Australian energy markets. Alex heads up Edge2020’s market analytics and forecasting, trading, and advisory services. He guides the data and analytics team, and his knowledge of the physical market has strengthened Edge’s financial advisory and portfolio optimisation performance.

Alex works closely with AEMO, the AER, and the CER and ensures Edge2020’s clients get the right information and advice. Alex manages relationships with all of Edge2020’s industry counterparts to deliver proposals that competitively and comprehensively deliver on our clients’ requirements.

Kate Turner

Senior Manager Markets,
Analytics & Sustainability

Kate has over 16 years’ experience in gas and electricity markets and has held positions from managing physical trading activities to strategy development of trading and industry projects. She has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and a company’s energy market value chain, trading, generation, retail, energy settlements, regulation and compliance.

Through a passion that renewable energy solutions are key to any climate change solution, Kate has developed knowledge which allows clients to manage their portfolios and any associated risk within traditional markets as well as complex renewable energy portfolios. Kate is hands on in procurement development and implementation for our clients and leads our market regulatory and advisory sustainability services.

She also specialises in the evaluation of proposals and ensures that they are communicated in a manner that our clients can understand.

John Barlett

Senior Energy Manager

John brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience across the energy industry. He is a results-focused energy markets specialist with 15+ years of experience across power generation, energy retail, AEMO, energy advisory and trading sectors. He has extensive experience in managing procurement, demand response, and bespoke energy management solutions with key clients and counterparties.

John’s strengths lie in his analytical and advisory skills, especially around risk-managed procurement services, and the regulatory, political, and environmental landscape. He has managed various solutions toward emissions reductions roadmaps from a no action position and has regularly delivered contracts valued at over $100M pa across his career.

John is a member of our senior energy management team and provides integral support to the delivery of our account, portfolio, and advisory services.

Our focus on family, community,
and sustainability

Edge2020 clients demand a standard of service and outcomes that can only be achieved through the highest levels of experience, expertise, commitment, and dedication.

Whilst we go above and beyond to deliver to our client’s standards, we do so with a resolute focus on what’s fundamentally important in our day-to-day lives. Our commitment to our families, our communities, and our planet.

Our team have a tribe of sons and daughters who get the pleasure of mum or dad watching their swimming carnival, Easter hat parade, or dance recital. Whatever the event, we ensure that we have the depth and breadth of resourcing available to put our families first.

We support generously to organisations, sporting teams, and events in our local communities that exist to help people be the very best versions of themselves. Through people and events that have touched members of our team directly, we especially support mental health, men’s health, cancer, the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and blood donations through Australian Red Cross.

We are acutely aware of the rapidly changing energy landscape and our responsibility to commit to reducing our carbon footprint. Edge2020 have proudly chosen carbon neutral electricity through our own electricity procurement and assist many large users in meeting their renewable electricity and carbon offsetting sustainability targets. Where possible we conduct paperless services, exercise prudent recycling practices, and have implemented efficient cooling in our offices.

"Solving complex commercial problems has always been my strength. Helping save the planet in the process is the one gift I want to leave my children and their children."

Stacey Vacher, Managing Director