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What we do

We use expertise, advanced energy management analytics, and long-standing industry relationships, to deliver products and strategies that optimise your energy portfolio, outperform your financial targets, and achieve your sustainability goals.

We interact with all aspects of the energy industry, from consumers, generators, wholesale brokers and traders, other specialist services providers, regulators, and the market operator to ensure optimal information flow and outcomes for you. 

We are risk focused and make sure you truly understand the risks in any strategy.

For peak energy procurement and portfolio management, you need forward-thinking independent expertise.

In the business of business energy

Our team advise energy users, generators, and retailers on wholesale and retail products, strategies, and contractual terms and conditions pertaining to portfolio optimisation, energy sale or supply agreements.

We cover behind-the-meter and synthetic renewable and non-renewable power purchase agreements, tolling services agreements, demand response and ancillary services support agreements.

Our advice encompasses market and non-market products and services pertaining to electricity, gas, environmental certificates, carbon, and systems support.  Edge2020 are experts in leveraging both physical and financial solutions to ensure the delivery of optimal outcomes.

Edge2020 adopt the opposite of a ‘them verses us’ mentality. We respect and nurture every relationship we’ve made across every corner of the industry, to ensure we can call on the right contact at the right time to deliver timely and superior service and advice.

Account management services

Know your costs. Track your usage.
Pay only what you should.

Edge2020 proactively engage with your counterparties on a regular basis, well before your invoices arrive.

We work for you, liaising directly with your retailers, network services providers, metering providers, market operators and regulators to ensure your contract management and costs are delivered as expected.  Our team focus on proactive counterparty engagement to ensure you see and experience as few issues and discrepancies as possible

We have developed systems that are sophisticated, intelligent, and flexible. We pride ourselves on providing valuable insights through accurate and timely services with comprehensive data and reporting processed and managed by our account and energy managers. Through EdgeLIVE, we ensure that you have the data and information you need to accurately track, monitor, report and respond to information pertaining to your costs and usage.

Portfolio management

Edge2020 utilise every resource at our disposal to ensure you have the information, data, and expert advice to optimise your portfolio outcomes – minimising your costs or maximising your returns whilst mitigating your risks.

Edge2020manage energy portfolios for some of the country’s largest energy consumers.

Portfolio management services include procurement activities, brokering, trading, and hedging, as well as risk management, analytics, and market and regulatory advice. Throughout the portfolio management process, we empower our clients with knowledge and expertise to ensure that each client receives the optimal contract terms, cost outcomes, and overall portfolio performance. The success of our portfolio management services is underpinned by daily market analytics and market engagement, portfolio and market position and performance reporting, and strategic negotiation and deal closing.

We maintain a constant and consistent eye over shifts in energy prices, energy or demand fluctuations, and the impacts of trading activity to ensure we are delivering optimal outcomes for your portfolio.

Our team become your team. Leverage our expertise, data, forecasts, systems, and models.

Energy advisory & sustainability

Drawing on 50+ years of expertise, knowledge, and established networks, to deliver advisory services that enable you to deliver to your targets and achieve your objectives.

Advisory services include ad-hoc advice around energy markets, strategies, products, rules, and regulations.  It also includes strategy development and implementation for procurement, sustainability, and renewable based initiatives. Our sustainability advisory services have recently been further strengthened by our registered consultant training through the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

Our team have negotiated many wholesale and retail renewable PPAs. Edge2020’s imminent Registered Consultant status for Climate Active, coupled with our environmental and carbon product advice under our AFSLensure that when it comes to achieving renewable and sustainable objectives, you get what you need, at the most competitive cost.

Better decisions, lower costs, and superior contractual outcomes allow your sites, assets, and business to remain dynamic without being adversely impacted by otherwise restricted terms, products, and strategies.

Edge2020 trade and broker hundreds of millions of dollars worth of environmental and carbon certificates every year

Smarter with systems

See the visibility our clients have over their energy investments.