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AEMO releases draft Marginal Loss Factors

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released its draft marginal loss factors (MLFs) today. As generally expected, solar and wind farms that are a long distance from the regional reference point have been hurt.

The most notable example of this is the Broken Hill solar farm, which has a draft MLF for FY20 of 0.7254. This is 0.2535 below the current MLF. If the draft MLF is confirmed in the final report (due 1 April 2019), this will reduce the volume of electricity sold by the solar farm by 25%.

A number of other solar and wind farms had material reductions in MLF and are facing a challenging situation. Most notably, Silverton Wind Farm (NSW), Karadoc Solar Farm (VIC), Griffith Solar Farm (NSW) and Parkes Solar Farm (NSW).

MLFs are very difficult to estimate, which is reflected in the relatively large change we are observing year on year. Amongst many other concerns, this creates uncertainty for the investment community.

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