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AGL’s NSW Generation Plan

On Saturday AGL released their NSW Generation Plan. The Plan sets out AGL’s preferred option to extending the life of the Liddell Power Station.

The Liddell replacement plan is a combination of new renewable energy resources, demand response technologies and an upgrade to the Bayswater power station. According to AGL the weighted levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of the replacement plan is $23/MWh cheaper than the cost of extending the ageing and increasingly unreliable Liddell power station.

Within AGL’s Liddell replacement the following projects are categorised as approved:

  • 453 MW Coopers Gap wind farm at $62/MWh LCOE
  • 200 MW Silverton wind farm at $62.00/MWh
  • 100 MW upgrade to Bayswater power station
  • Purchase of 300 MW’s of offtake from NSW solar projects
  • Synchronous condenser at Liddell
  • Up to 20 MW of demand response

The other components of the Liddell replacement plan will be in feasibility stages between 2019 and 2022. This includes the proposed 500 MW gas peaker power station.

AGL also confirmed that Liddell would not be sold as it is required by AGL and once retired the site will be repurposed to form part of its alternative generation post 2022.

If you would like to know more about AGL’s NSW Generation Plan, please speak with your Edge Portfolio Manager directly or contact Edge on (07) 3232 1115 or 1800 334 336.