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ARENA releases Annual Report

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has recently released its 2015-16 annual report. In addition to financial results, the report also shares information on advancing projects and the ongoing strategic direction of the organisation.

ARENA is a government-funded organisation whose primary role is to provide competitive energy solutions up to 2040 and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia. ARENA works with other institutions such as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and CSIRO to deliver solutions for the market. ARENA funds all stages of development up to and including pre-commercial investment.

ARENA’s financial report shows it provided or committed;

  • $151 million to research and development,
  • $14 million to postgraduate scholarships and fellowships,
  • $388 million to demonstration plants, and
  • $280 million to deployment.

Investments included the first large-scale residential community battery in Australia as well a venture with CSIRO which set a world record for the highest temperature steam ever produced using energy from the sun.

For further information, the full report can be viewed at

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