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Edge Live Supports Greater Flexibility Whilst Maintaining Security

James Webster, Edge Software Development Manager

Edge focuses on ensuring the information we hold about your business’s energy costs and consumption is safe and secure. We also like to ensure that information is only provided to parties within your business, that are authorised to have access to that information.  A challenge for Edge has been to maintain this security requirement through the use of Edge Live, whilst also ensuring it widely accessible by staff within your organisation as possible.

We have recently added some features to Edge Live that can provide you comfort when it comes to providing the right people with access to the right information within your organisation.


  • As an Edge Customer, you are provided your own unique ‘tenant’ within the Edge Live system. Some of our larger customers have multiple tenants, reflecting the organisation of their various business units. Each user is assigned access to one or more tenants. Data is held securely within the scope of a tenant and cannot be viewed unless a user has access to that tenant.
  • We have recently extended Edge Live to support a hierarchy of tenants. A particular tenant may have a parent tenant, or multiple child tenants. This hierarchy can be set up in Edge Live to reflect the organisation of your business. This means that a user can easily view data across multiple areas of your business, without having to switch between tenants.
  • Edge Live data (e.g. sites, invoices, reports, and contracts) is associated to particular groups. A tenant can have multiple groups. While users generally have access to all groups within a tenant, they can be restricted to only view the data belonging to one or more groups.


Not only do these features ensure the security of your information, it also helps us to effectively communicate only relevant data and information with members within your organisation.  For example, on-site personnel may be restricted to reports, meter data, or dashboards associated with the particular site at which they work. Finance personnel may only have access to accrual and invoice reconciliation dashboards and your invoices.

By defining the type of information your staff can access via Edge Live, we can be confident that the information that we provide is relevant to the role they perform, thus giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

Speak to your Portfolio Manager today about how we can configure your Edge Live tenant and its groups to maximise Edge Live’s userability within your organisation.