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A Plan for South Australian Power

The South Australian Government released their plan for their energy future. It contained a number of new strategies including:

  • 100 MW battery farm
  • 250 MW gas fired plan for emergency use only
  • 200 MW of emergency plan until the gas plant can be brought online
  • Local power to direct plant and the interconnectors with Victoria
  • Energy Security Target under which a portion of electricity must be sourced from within South Australia
  • South Australian Gas Incentives which would provide an additional $24 million for local gas exploration which would primarily be made available for South Australian consumers

The South Australian Government is also planning to tender its consumption to allow a new private generator to be built. Part of the tender would require a synchronous renewable generator to be built.

Currently the policies are vague in detail though an expression of interest for the battery storage has already been issued with responses expected by 31 March 2017.

Edge continues to monitor the announcement to assess the impact on the market. Further analysis will be posted once details are released.