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Price of Utility Scale Solar Being Questioned

The engineering company, RCR Tomlinson, went into trading halt on July 30, 2018 and its CEO, Paul Dalgleish, has stepped down. The trading halt is due to an investigation into cost blowouts for unspecified projects, which will hurt the FY18 annual profit.

The deputy state secretary of the Queensland and NT Electrical Trades Union, Peter Ong, has stated that RCR has been undercutting other bids by as much as $30 million when bidding for utility scale solar project. Peter Ong’s major concern is the use of cheaper labour to try and make up the difference.

For the broader market, if RCR have been under-pricing the engineering cost of installing utility scale solar, there could be an increase in the expected price of new utility scale solar. Citigroup warned that the recent solar farm built for Sun Metals may have had a cost blowout by as much as $7 million.

RCR has not confirmed that it is the utility scale solar which has led to the cost increase.

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