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SA Market Is Live Again

Congratulations to our South Australian customers. The market suspension was revoked as at 22:30 hours on 11 October. While we are still waiting for the rest of the network to be brought online, most of the market is able to resume.

The market was suspended after the South Australian region of the NEM lost power at 16:18 on Wednesday 28 September 2016. A preliminary report from the market operator was released which points to weather conditions. A large storm damaged 22 assets in Electranet’s network. At the same time six windfarms reduced 315 MW of generation causing the interconnector to Victoria to be overloaded. The interconnector was shut down and South Australia was not able to compensate in time. This caused the whole system to be shut down and restarted.

Restoration happened for most of the state by midnight on Wednesday 28 September however high winds delayed additional work. Most of this has now been carried out and AEMO has been directed to revoke the market suspension.