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Updates to EdgeLIVE

With our vision to create a superior energy management platform, we are constantly developing EdgeLIVE to improve its look and overall functionality for our customers. Our technology team have been working tirelessly to completely overhaul the EdgeLIVE Dashboards and navigation functions relating to your ‘end of month’ account management reporting.


EdgeLIVE now has dedicated dashboards for Accruals and Invoice Reconciliation. The new dashboards display a summary of the invoice for each NMI, as well as a line-by-line breakdown of the individual invoice items. The new functionality is easy to follow and can provide users with as little or as much detail as is required.

Snapshot Dashboard

EdgeLIVE also contains a snapshot dashboard to provide a visual representation of both actual and forecast energy costs for our customers’ whole energy portfolio. The snapshot dashboard contains a range of graphics and tables to show trends relating to costs and consumption on a portfolio, asset or NMI level.

Export functionality

In addition to the online dashboards, EdgeLIVE also allows the export of accrual, invoice reconciliation and snapshot data to a ready-designed report format in Excel. As with the dashboards, this report shows actual and forecast costs and consumption on a portfolio or NMI level.

The exported report is delivered directly to your email to save for future reference and is ideal for use in your budget processes or as inserts into any business presentation or documentation.

Upcoming changes

In addition to the above, our technology team continue to work on further developments to be released. Over the coming months we will introduce a finance dashboard which will track spend against retailer purchase orders and display live tracking of savings achieved, such as early payment discounts.

If you would like to discuss our EdgeLIVE platform, please contact Edge on 07 3905 9220.