Climate related financial disclosure paper

Climate Related Financial Disclosure paper

Following the establishment of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) in 2021, whose task was to develop baseline standards (global) for climate disclosure, they released their IFRS Global Sustainability Standards, in June, after 18 months of intensive industry consultation. They state these will “help to improve trust and confidence in company disclosures about sustainability to inform investment decisions”.

Following this release the Federal Government have released the second draft of their Climate Related Financial Disclosure consultation paper, here.This paper will ensure there are mandates for large companies, including the financial institutions, to provide reporting on their climate related plans, risks and opportunities. This will be done through internationally aligned reporting requirements set around specific risk matrices. The alignment of these plans must depict the company’s resilience to the Climate Change Act 2022 ambitions.

The consultation paper proposes:

Mandatory reporting requirements to commence in tiered formation from 1 July 2024, for Australia’s largest companies, who by the 2027 period meet two of the three criteria encompassing revenue >$50m, gross assets of >$25m or 100+ employees at the end of the financial reporting period. These tiers are higher in the front few years.

However, if you do not meet the above, but you are a “Controlling Corporation” under NGERS you would also be mandated to report on the climate disclosure forms from FY25 onwards .

You will be disclosing your scope 1 to 3 emissions as well as governance reports around your climate related risks, how these are identified and managed and where they are in your supply chain. You would also be mandated to disclose the transition plans to the climate targets including all information on offsetting plans.

The government plan to enforce this under the civil penalty provisions in the corporation’s act and therefore the penalties for non-compliance could be significant.

Feedback is sought on this paper by the 21st July 2023 however the line in the sand has been drawn by the government and the likelihood is by the next financial year (FY25) if you meet the criteria this will be a mandated requirement for your business and non-compliance is not optional. As such development of these reporting requirements will be key to ensuing readiness when the final draft is published and enshrined into law.

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